Sex Games – His Eyes Only: The Greatest Toy Ever

This week is going to be the week of all weeks. It will be the week that one of your greatest fantasies are going to come to life right before your very eyes.

This week, you’re going to have a menage a trois.

No, not with an extra person. In this week’s seduction, the third party is going to be Mr. Lucky, and while he is not much for conversation… he has some really smooth moves. (If you know what I mean)

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Mr. Lucky is a dildo… an artificial penis of any size, color, or style you choose. You will have a blast shopping the adult stores to find him, but remember, you want to turn her on, not scare her to little pieces. Nothing in the, er, elephant category.

Before we get into the details of tonight’s plan, a disclosure might be in order. You need to understand that a dildo is not a penis substitute any more than riding a bike is a substitute for taking a stroll. A dildo is an object which allows you to penetrate yourself or your partner in a marvelous variety of ways. Dildos are a logical, dare we say, 딜도 natural response to the fact that while many of us enjoy having our vaginas or anuses filled, no two of us have exactly the same preferences in terms of the length, width, and shape of the object filling us.

Why should your experiences with penetrations be defined by the dimensions of your current partner’s penises or fingers? Few of us limit our dining experiences to eating only whatever is in the refrigerator at home. Think of dildos as the takeout food of the sexual realm; they offer novelty, spice up your routine and teach you about the range of your appetites.


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