Putting a Condom on Tips

Each person should be aware of putting on a condom and using it correctly. Here is how you can go about using a condom correctly.

      • 1. A condom should be put on before any contact


      between you and your partner as fluids released from the penis could cause pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases even very early on sex.
    2. Condoms should be stored in a cool dry place when not in use.
    3. The condom should be used before any type of sexual intercourse.
    4. Once you use it do not open the condom wrapper with the teeth or nail as it could damage the condom.
    5. Unroll the condom a little over the top of the penis make sure about the opening of the condom as if it’s backwards then the condom won’t unroll.
    6. Hold the condom on one hand and the base of the penis on the other so as to put on the condom correctly.
    7. Make sure that there is no air trapped inside the condom as it could break or tear the condom. Therefore squeeze the air out and firmly roll down the condom till the end.
    8. Stop the act right away if the condom breaks and use a fresh condom. You can always check in between if you feel that the condom has broken.


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